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Take any SoundSample and filter, tweak, tune, dobble it etc. until you get a nice bassdrum sound. Do the same with the other sounds in your set-up.

Make the most funky beat in the world at your sequencer. save it and keep it.

Copy your samples/drum set-up from step 1.

Use the same sequencetrack from step 2 and experiment with the filters and/or EQ on the samples or in the PG., until you get a diffrent sound. Save it an keep it

Make as many variations as you like, then mix, fade in and out, play them at the same time etc.

NOTICE: When you filter, tweak and tune a sample to sound like a fat bassdrum etc.., you have vaste oppotunities to get a new soundpicture just by experimenting with the filters and EQ

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