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CD #2 Selectors Item  

"Exceptional and immensely rare danish reggae-release, comparable with the best inside the genre"

Per Reinholdt Nielsen in Berlingske Tidende

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 Track ListTime  (RA)
 1.Reel and Wheel0:36
 2.(Give our Love) Another Try
 4.Written in Our Palms Feat. K-Dubb4:00  30 sec.
 5.Real And Official4:28  30 sec.
 6.Likkle Tasha Pan de Mike1:03
 7.Sand in My Shoes4:25  30 sec.
 8.Your Love Feat. Randi4:18
 9.Been A Long Time Since4:14
 10.Go On Feat. Al Agami4:15
 11.See How Dem are Bogi0:56
 12.Shine Like An Armour Feat. Likkle Tasha4:09  Full Version
 13.Madd Wheels0:15
 14.Take You There4:08  30 sec.
 15.Anything You Say3:32
 16.Keep Da Phlavour Phat0:56
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