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Bass and Trouble Live?

You can hire Bass And Trouble to play a LiveConcert.

At clubs or small venues (up to 500 people), we have a basic setup with 5 musicians, 2 backing vocals and 2 technicians. We can play 2x45 min. but prefer one set with 60-90 min. of music.
 For this setup, you have to pay 220$ pro persona=1980$ per concert + transportation and full accommodation (Hotel and food).

The club or venue must have sound equipment that match our Techrider, for more info please contact our LiveSoundEngineer Teis, e-mail: t@heaven.dk
 If we can´t bring our instruments, the club or venue must rent instruments and equipment that match our rider, for more info please contact Jan, e-mail: jan@bassandtrouble.com

You must pay our fee in advance on a guaranty bank account + send flight tickets.

If you want us to play at Music festivals, bigger venues, discoteques or want some more information, please contact Jan, e-mail: jan@bassandtrouble.com
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