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Bass And Trouble were formed in 1987 by lead vocalist Philip K, drummer YoAkim and bassist Thomas Bøje. Their debut show was on Aalborg reggae festival in August 1987. To complete the lineup, guitarist Poul Møller, keyboard player Anders Vestergaard and percussionist Jan Bärenholdt joined the group in 1988.

The band recorded their first single “Citizen” in 1989. The single was pressed at Dynamic Sounds/Jamaica during Philip K´s visit to the island in the spring 1990

Later that year Bass And Trouble signed with “Elektra/Denmark”, and recorded their debut album “Deep” at the end of 1990.

Deep” was released in the spring of 1991 and received a warm welcome by the Danish music press. “Deep” included a major hit “Mankind” who played very well on radio stations that summer. At the same time Bass And Trouble were featured on the Amnesty International Compilation Album “Rock, Love & Understanding” with the Marvin Gaye track “What’s Going On”.

Late 1993 Bass And Trouble signed with “Mega Records” and in 1994 they recorded their second album “Selectors Item”, which is a play on words on “collector’s item” and “selector” (Slang for DJ). “Selectors Item” was finished in February 1995 and was released in that summer. “Selectors Item” received unsurpassed reviews by the main press. The album included the single hit “(Give Our Love) Another Try” that hit number one in Norway.

In the summer 1996 the band recorded demos for the next album. Sept. 1996 Bass And Trouble and MEGA records cancelled further cooperation.

1997 Bass And Trouble established a pre-production studio

1998 Development of

1999 Release of the website; B.A.T.s Beat Box! - Each month the website have over 5000 pageviews, 30000 hits, 1Gb of beats downloaded and enhance our international network every day. Thank you to all our visitors

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